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6 days 10 hours ago

HOW TO MAKE 15,000%

Market volatility is what turns many investors away from buying shares. However those that invest for the long term have been well rewarded.
The chart below (courtesy of 'Visual Capitalist) depicts the many Crisis' since 1930 and charts US share market returns along the way, a massive 15,000% since that time. The two constants are that markets will always face volatility, and that they will always reach new highs. For this reason we recommend that clients have a minimum 3-5 year outlook when purchasing shares.

Benchmark Financial Services

2 weeks 6 days ago


Bank of America conducts a monthly survey where they ask fund managers what they are most afraid of in regards to market risks.
The leading risk changes most quarters, yet markets (particularly in the US) have kept rising.
There have been negative markets in the past and will be again. However it is often the relatively unknown risks (eg. US 'subprime mortgage crisis' which caused the GFC) which lead to the largest share market falls, when compared to well publicised risks (such as the current Trade Wars).
Below are the last few years of fund manager worries, as per Bank of America's survey.

Benchmark Financial Services

3 weeks 6 days ago


Many of our clients are unsure of their annual spending when we discuss savings/debt reduction strategies.

Benchmark has an interactive 'Budget Wizard' which can help you (or family/friends) work out just how much you should be saving based on your annual income & expenditure. Try it out for yourself (link below) and then discuss with your Adviser how best to grow your savings!

Benchmark Financial Services

1 month 4 days ago


You may recently have heard that Apple became the first company ever to reach a valuation of US$1 Trillion.

Interestingly, the first company to ever hit a $1 billion valuation was also considered a tech heavyweight of its time, AT&T Telecommunications (in 1924). AT&T is still a major telco in the US, however its current value comes no where close to that of Apple's.

The infographic below (courtesy of 'visualcapitalist'), charts Apple's product releases/milestones and rise to $1 Trillion since 1990.

Benchmark Financial Services

1 month 1 week ago


Despite a range of Crisis' such as the Asian bond collapse, tech sector crash, 2001 terrorist attacks and subprime crisis (GFC), markets have continued to provide excellent long term returns over the past 30 years.

A diversified Portfolio of Australian & International Shares, listed property trusts and Bonds would have provided a clearly greater return than cash during this period. We have seen continued positive moves in 2018 even though investors have displayed concerns about trade wars, property price falls in Australia and the Royal Banking Commission.

For the best asset class returns over the past 30 years, refer to Vanguard's 2018 Index Chart below.


I am very grateful for the personal touch which Rosanne and David have always provided with my financial planning. They have always advocated the long term approach and my Portfolio has experienced excellent growth as a result. I have had a very long term association with Rosanne, David and John & I look forward to continuing to plan my financial future with their professional guidance.
Thank you sincerely for the generous amount of time spent on advising me on all financial and insurance matters. After making a significant professional change, John made me aware of the need to reassess my income protection insurance cover. As it turns out, the new policy which I purchased as advised by John, covered me for my recent out of work accident.
Thank you sincerely for the incredible assistance and advice regarding the insurance claim made recently for lost income due to illness. I recall how Rachael made me aware of the need to reassess my income protection insurance cover many years ago and thinking I would never need it. As it turns out, the new policy which I purchased as advised by Rachael, covered me for my recent illness which caused me to not be able to work for 3 months.
Rosanne, David & John have managed my Portfolio for 17 years now and in that time their service has always exceeded my expectations. They continue to ensure my financial needs are met and that I am fully informed with the reasonings behind their recommendations. I feel very comfortable knowing that Rosanne & David are managing my finances and have full confidence that their approach to financial planning will continue to produce excellent results for their clients
All good businesses to be successful need to be credible and have honest and reliable people directing and working for them.Some fifteen years ago prior to my retirement I was looking for a sound financial adviser to look after my assets.

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